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NEVCCC’s Surgical team, which is headed by Dr. Rachel Currao, offers comprehensive surgical options for the treatment of a wide range of emergency, orthopedic, soft tissue, oncologic (cancer), and neurologic disorders. We act as a primary service, seeing appointments referred from our referring veterinarians, and also as a secondary service in support of the internal medicine, oncologic and emergency services. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best surgical care possible.


Education of our patients' caretakers is an important part of providing excellent care. Initial appointments are scheduled for an hour to allow for taking a history, conducting a complete physical exam, and giving a thorough explanation of the findings and recommended treatment plan. Owners are encouraged to ask questions or ask for further explanation at any step in the process.


Your primary care veterinarian is updated throughout your friend’s time at NEVCCC. They are an integral part of your pet’s health-care team.


Examples of conditions treated and procedures performed


If you have been referred by your primary care veterinarian for a surgical consultation please call 860.688.8400 to make an appointment. If you feel that your pet has a condition that might need to be treated by a surgeon, please contact your family veterinarian to discuss if a referral might be best for your pet.


If you have an appointment with the surgery service at NEVCCC, please do not feed your companion after midnight the night before the appointment. Water should continue to be available. If your pet is a diabetic and is receiving insulin, you should not feed him/her the morning of the appointment, and you should give them ½ of their normal dose of insulin. Medications that have been prescribed should be given the night before but, if possible, should not be given the morning of the appointment (except anti-seizure medication). If this is your pet’s first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the initial paperwork.