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It is a fact that oral/dental disease is the number one disease affecting our pets today.  By three years of age approximately 70% of pets have developed some level of oral disease.  That is why dental services need to be much more than just a cleaning.


Dental disease can sometimes be obvious, causing drooling, facial swelling, foul breath, broken teeth or a loss of desire to eat.  But far too often our pets suffer in silence.  Dental disease can wax and wane and it can develop slowly, with your pet adapting to the sensation.  Pets often hide pain as part of their natural instinct.  We joke about “doggie breath” but if your pets’ mouth is healthy it should not noticeably smell.  Oral disease has been shown to affect general health especially the heart, kidneys and other major organ systems.  Proper oral care can help your pet enjoy a longer and pain free life.


At NEVCC dental services will include a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment plan in addition to a thorough dental cleaning. Your pet will have a complete physical exam including an oral exam prior to the procedure.  Following this evaluation a proposed treatment plan will be developed and discussed.  All proper dental care must be performed under anesthesia.  Once under anesthesia your pet will have the oral cavity and every tooth evaluated and charted.  Full mouth dental radiographs are taken to evaluate for hidden disease because 60% of the tooth area is out of view below the gum-line.  Studies have shown that less than 50% of dental disease is identified without dental radiographs.  After the sedated exam and radiographs are completed a final treatment plan is made and the client is consulted before any work is done.


Great care in planning anesthesia and pain management is part of the treatment plan.  At NEVCC your pet receives all treatments from a veterinarian and we have a dedicated veterinary technician monitoring your pet at all times.  We utilize IV fluids, warming devices and monitor ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and expiratory carbon dioxide with every procedure.  We employ pre-operative pain medications, intra-operative numbing (local blocks) and post-operative pain medications to ensure that even after extensive treatments your pet should be able to eat comfortably that very evening.  Most procedures are performed with your pet going home the same day.  If more extensive pre-operative care or post-operative care is indicated NEVCC has a 24-hour ICU to serve any of your pet’s specialized medical needs.


Dental Service Offerings:

General Dentistry:

  • Comprehensive Oral Heath Assessments and Cleanings with Radiology
  • Extractions
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Bite evaluations


Advanced Dentistry:

  • Restorations, cavities or fractured teeth
  • Periodontal surgery and guided tissue regeneration
  • Oral surgery (may also be performed by the surgery department)
    • Palatal repair
    • Tumor removal
    • Fracture repair
    • Oro-nasal fistula repair
    • Endodontics (vital pulp therapy and root canals)
    • Crowns
    • Orthodontics
      • Selective extractions
      • Active force appliances (“braces”)