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Emergency and Critical Care

The Emergency and Critical Care Service at NEVCCC is open 24 hours a day to serve your pet’s needs.  All emergencies are seen by a specialist in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine or by one of our internship-trained emergency doctors.  The high level of training attained by our staff allows us to treat even the sickest of patients.


One of the things that makes our Emergency Service unique is the close working relationship that the ER staff has with the NEVCCC specialists. The emergency doctor can consult with any of our board certified specialists at any time of day to determine the best path for your pet. 


Why Should NEVCCC Be Your Emergency Center of Choice?


  • A team of experienced and board-certified emergency/ critical care specialists
  • A full staff of veterinary technicians focused on the care of your pet
  • A fully equipped and staffed 24-hour intensive care unit with the most modern equipment available        
  • Fees consistent with other regional urgent care facilities


Services Available Include:


  • Supportive care and initial diagnostics for emergency patients
  • Critical care monitoring
  • Chest tube placement
  • Tracheostomy tube placement
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Thoracocentesis
  • 24-hour ICU monitoring/hospitalization
  • Bedside labwork, including coagulation, blood typing and blood gas analysis
  • Digital radiography
  • Emergency endoscopy
  • Emergency surgical procedures
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood banking
  • CT scan for advanced imaging