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Fatty Tumors in Dogs - Everything You Need To Know About Lipoma

Fatty Tumors in Dogs - Everything You Need To Know About Lipoma

Lipomas are benign tumors that often develop in dogs. Today our Windsor vets break down what pet owners should know about fatty tumors.

Lipoma vs Lymphoma 

A lipoma is a very common skin tumor found in dogs and is a benign accumulation of fat cells. Some dogs never have one, and others can be very lumpy because of multiple lipomas. It's important to remember Lipomas and Lymphomas are very different, the latter are malignant and likely an indicator your dog requires urgent oncological treatment for cancer.

    What a Lipoma Looks and Feels Like

    Simply put, a lipoma is a mass under the skin. You might notice the lipoma because it is liable to cause your pet's fur to stick up funny. You also might run into the lump when you are petting your dog. Lipomas are usually soft and easily movable. 

    When You Should Get Your Dogs Lipoma Removed

    It's a natural reaction to be worried at the discovery of a lump on your canine companion, and it's best practice to consult your veterinarian right away to ensure it is benign. In most cases, if the lump is a lipoma, there is no need to get it removed. The only time a Lipoma will require medical intervention is if it grows to a size where it impacts locomotion, this most commonly occurs

    Are lipomas ever malignant?

    Lipomas are generally non-malignant, but there is a rare condition where they can become malignant called liposarcoma. Dogs diagnosed with liposarcoma generally have a good prognosis but will require relatively major surgery to remove the tumor before it spread beyond the capability of treatment.

    Are you concerned about a lump on your dog? Contact our Windsor Vets right away for an appointment to examine the excess growth.

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