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Meet Our Veterinarians

The skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians at New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care are always available to provide outstanding care to pets. 

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In addition to our local dedicated staff, we can also call in specialists to offer their services upon request, including:

Cardiology – Dr. Doctor, MS, DVM
Surgery – Dr. Doctor, MS, DVM
Ultrasound – Dr. Doctor, MS, DVM


Dr. Anna Simpson Evans #1

Dr. Anna Simpson Evans

DVM (Emergency) Co-Medical Director

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Dr. Debi O'Keefe #1

Dr. Debi O'Keefe

DVM DACVIM (Oncology) Co-Medical Director

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Dr. Laura Hamelin #1

Dr. Laura Hamelin

DVM (Emergency)

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Internal Medicine

Dr. Elizabeth Settles #1

Dr. Elizabeth Settles

DVM DACVIM, JD (Internal Medicine)

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General Practice & Surgery

Dr. Kelly Chameroy #1

Dr. Kelly Chameroy

DVM (General Practice & GP Surgery)

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Dr. Melissa Nelson #1

Dr. Melissa Nelson

DVM (General Practice & GP Surgery)

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