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Veterinary Surgery

The veterinarians at New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care perform advanced surgery while putting your pet's safety and comfort at the forefront. 

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Surgical Services, Windsor Veterinarian

Surgery for Cats & Dogs in Windsor

The surgical center at New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care is a cutting-edge facility staffed by highly qualified veterinary surgical professionals. 

Our comprehensive surgical offering ranges from elective surgery for sports medicine patients to total hip replacement and open-heart surgery. 

We use the most advanced technology available to perform veterinary surgeries, with fully trained support staff on hand. 

Our surgical specialists will examine your pet and discuss diagnostic tests, procedures and expected outcomes with you.

Our Surgical Team

Our surgical team consists of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who specialize in both general practice and surgery. They take a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to treatment by consulting with board-certified specialists at our Windsor, and your primary care vet.

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Specialty Surgical Procedures

We perform specific specialty surgical procedures to help treat injuries and diseases, or to help pregnant dogs or cats give birth safely. Our highly trained specialists ensure your cat or dog receives the attentive care they deserve. 

  • Scheduled & Emergency C-Sections

    During Caesarean sections, we surgically remove puppies or kittens from their mother's uterus.

    C-sections are typically performed when the mother is unable to give birth naturally. In some cases, this procedure can save the mother and litter's lives. Reasons range from the mother's pelvic shape or size to irregularity of a specific breed to fetal distress or the mother having difficulty with natural birth.

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Orthopedic surgeries correct injuries and diseases of the bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and other skeletal structures in your pet. If your dog or cat is suffering from a condition or injury that requires advanced specialized care your vet will refer your dog or cat to a vet surgeon near Windsor.

  • Laparoscopic Surgery

    These procedures are performed with a minimally invasive approach and are performed in the abdominal cavity through small keyhole incisions. They range from relatively uncomplicated (ovariectomy or ovariohysterectomy and organ biopsy to more complex, such as removal of an abdominal tumor.  

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    For pets suffering from ear, nose, and throat disorders, we offer soft tissue surgical procedures.

    These procedures are also available for hepatic, urogenital, oncological, cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, and skin disorders. 

  • Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)

    TTA surgery is used to treat cranial (or anterior) cruciate ligament rupture in a dog's knee joints (stifle). This involves making an incision in the top of the shin bone (tibia) to move the bone forward and stabilize it in its new position.

What to Expect with Veterinary Surgery

Our surgical center at New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care is equipped with cutting-edge surgical equipment and instruments. Each decision we make and every treatment we perform is designed to ensure post-operative success for your pet. 

  • Anesthesia & Pain Management

    Each patient's anesthetic plan is customized to his or her specific condition. We take overall cardiovascular health and lab work into consideration with each pet. 

    Extra steps are taken to ensure your pet does not experience pain during or after surgery. We often use a multi-modal approach (e.g. epidural anesthesia, systemic medications and local anesthetic). 

  • Continuous Patient Monitoring

    We leverage state-of-the-art monitoring equipment (EKG, oscillometric blood pressure, arterial line, pulse oximetry, end tidal CO2, etc.) to monitor your pet’s vitals during surgery.

  • Sterilization Techniques

    Strict sterile techniques are employed with all of our procedures. Positive pressure airflow is used in our operative suite, and the room is cleaned after each procedure. 

    Our surgeons also use full surgical attire (surgical cap, surgical gown and sterile gloves) and sterile prep. 

  • Surgical Lasers

    With laser surgery, a highly focused laser beam efficiently vaporizes living tissue with extreme precision while sealing nerve endings, small blood vessels, lymphatics and capillaries. 

    Surgical lasers offer numerous benefits to patients, including reduced bleeding, swelling and pain, in addition to faster recovery. 

  • Post-Operative Care

    Once surgery has concluded, your veterinarian will contact you to summarize the procedure and plan. 

    While some pets are able to return home the next day, others will need to stay longer. The duration of your pet's stay will depend on the complexity of the procedure and your pet's health status. 

    When you arrive to pick up your pet, you'll be provided with discharge instructions and we will answer any questions you may have.

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