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At New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care, our veterinary oncology department uses pet radiation therapy to provide cutting-edge treatment for pets with cancer. 

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Pet Radiation Therapy Services in Windsor

Pet Radiation Therapy in Windsor

Used alone or in conjunction with oncological services such as surgery and/or chemotherapy, pet radiation therapy delivers optimal doses of radiation necessary to kill cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissue. 

As the only animal hospital in Windsor to offer radiation therapy, we employ an in-house board-certified oncologist has extensive training and experience in treating cancers with radiation, minimizing side effects by limiting exposure to normal tissues. 

The oncologist works closely with our surgeons, neurologists and other specialists to offer comprehensive care for your four-legged companion. 

When can pet radiation therapy be used?

Though several types of tumors can be treated with radiation therapy exclusively (brain and nasal tumors, lymphoma), this therapy is most commonly used to destroy or limit the growth of cancer cells left behind after a tumor is surgically removed. It may also be used to reduce the size of large tumors before surgery is performed. 

Linear Accelerator Radiation Therapy 

At our facility, we have an in-house linear accelerator (LINAC), a device commonly used for external radiation therapy for pets with cancer. 

This powerful piece of equipment creates radiation beams that are shaped to aim at your pet's tumor while avoiding as much healthy tissue as possible. 

High-energy X-Rays are delivered to a specific region of the body and may be used to treat any area of the body. Treatment typically occurs over several sessions. Each session takes 15 to 30 minutes - sometimes longer. 

Radiation Therapy Services, Windsor Veterinarians

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